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BI-Micro Strategy

Micro Strategy, a global leader in business intelligence technology, provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software that helps leading organizations make better business decisions every day.


MicroStrategy’s software allows reporting and analysis of data stored in relational databases, and datawarehouse. MicroStrategy describes its core reporting software as having relational OLAP architecture; a complex relational database can be expressed using a virtual multidimensional cube structure that can be more easily understood by business users who wish to navigate through the data.


My Company , as a technology and product consulting partner, and a leader in building Business Intelligence Analytic Appliances, provides MicroStrategy implementations, integration and customization services to clients on a global basis. Our services include design and development of technical assessments, scorecards and dashboards, customization of enterprise reports, OLAP analysis, advanced and predictive analysis, systems health checks, and the setup of alerts and notifications.


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