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Data Warehouse Design

Proven methodologies and best practices are used to design our data warehouse solutions.

Caserta Concepts utilizes business requirements collected and prepared by their analysts to apply their proven techniques.


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Big Data Services

Massive amounts of unstructured, raw data are generated in the world every day. This data is in the form of voice, text, video, geo special data, data generated from sensors, social networking or mobile phones. Big data is collection of structured and unstructured


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Business Intelligence

I28Tech provides BI solutions for both technical and non-technical users. Our solutions simplify the tasks with an easy-to-use interface and functionality for your data aggregation and analytical needs. We also offer the data search


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About i28 Technologies

I28 Technologies uses advanced tools to build a comprehensive architecture for your enterprise data warehousing needs. We provide data conversion from legacy systems and complete data warehouse solutions that enable customers to obtain a better understanding of their business. We help our partners realize their growth potential, identify benefits and maximize business opportunities.


I28 Technologies can deliver a full lifecycle solution, or provide solutions for a focused segment of your entire business. i28 Tech provides consulting services to help customers achieve operational & business efficiencies. We bring in rich industry knowledge and a successful track record of product implementations and experience.


We are a full service employment agency offering multiple staffing options. From contract placements to direct placements and everything in between, i28 technologies corporation works with employers and technology professionals to find the perfect solution. Over years, We have survived and excelled through a combination of hard work, knowledge and integrity. We are the firm that leading employers depend on to solve their staffing needs, and technology professionals trust to find challenging, rewarding positions


  • Analytic applications
  • Business analytics
  • A Data quality assessment
  • Data quality tools
  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Middleware Technologies
  • Rapid report migration tools
  • Upgrade and production support
  • Information integration
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